The national Agency of sanitary security (Anses) has made its decision, Monday, November 5 : the pesticide méthamsodium are now banned in France. Their use by farmers and gardeners – they are effective to combat " bio-aggressors ", as...
GEORGES TRON - The mayor of Draveil is on trial for rape and sexual assault after complaints from two women. Georges Tron is defending, he swears to have only practiced foot massages, without sexual connotations. ...
The State plays in the cavalry with its finances? This is the question that is prompted to raise the reader to the last report of the association Fipeco ("public Finances and economy"), an information site hosted by...
Sweating is a process by which your body regulates its temperature. Everybody sweats, when it is hot outside, when you are engaged in physical activities, when you have a fever, or feel stress and anxiety. But if you sweat...
A new Focus was essential ? The question has crossed the minds of the leaders of Ford. The american brand, which is experiencing the worst difficulties to earn money in Europe, has flatly decided not to run in the...
Cannabis or marijuana is one of the most widely studied plants in the world because of the many medical benefits that it can provide. The studies mostly focus on the mechanism of the chemicals found in cannabis such as...
Can run out of money at the same time and rest? In the circulation, and be saved? Without much questioning, we call often the two main functions of money in a sentence: Bitcoin is about to serve...
The crowds are the fuel of Donald Trump. Before landing in Texas ten days ago, he looked on a phone, the long queue of his fans entering the Houston NRG Arena and confided to reporters aboard Air...
reservations uk to Costa Blanca grew 2% for the summer of 2019 airport of The Altet expected to climb this winter with a 10% increase in the number of vacancies ...
Stefan Pierer is Chairman of the Executive Board of the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM. The company was mainly as a manufacturer of all-terrain motorcycles known. In Europe, KTM the market leader in motorcycles. TIME...


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Sands: poverty reduction directed almost all development programs

Sands: poverty reduction directed almost all development programs

Press Secretary of the President of Russia said that persistent poverty is a serious problem. For the eradication of poverty focused almost all development programs