Did you ask yourself why you agreed to marry your partner? It's a lifetime commitment, and you have to make that promise in front of other people. Therefore, if your motivation for getting married is wrong, you might as...
the shooting of The video with the Smartphone, are the ghosts just like in the Photograph: on the one Hand, provided in the manufacturer's Apps are optimized for the respective Hardware, on the other hand, special photo...
Darmstadt is testing in the pedestrian a self-driving sweeper. The field trial was the first in the public space nationwide, said the representatives of the German city on Wednesday over the three-day trial, up to and including...
Sweating is a process by which your body regulates its temperature. Everybody sweats, when it is hot outside, when you are engaged in physical activities, when you have a fever, or feel stress and anxiety. But if you sweat...
The way to Frank summer is almost signposted better than the to the emergency room. The urologist, andrologist and sports physicians at the University medical center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), a men's clinic. Most of his patients complain about...
Stefan Pierer is Chairman of the Executive Board of the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM. The company was mainly as a manufacturer of all-terrain motorcycles known. In Europe, KTM the market leader in motorcycles. TIME...
The stitches, they met in the chest, back and abdomen. With life-threatening injuries, a mother of two children came on the 30th. October in a hospital. Only on Saturday she woke from her coma, she is now...
We understand that it’s not all of us who earn a lot. In fact, the bulk of us get entry-level salaries. However, you can't let that stop you from enjoying the thrills of traveling. In fact, there are ways...
GEORGES TRON - The mayor of Draveil is on trial for rape and sexual assault after complaints from two women. Georges Tron is defending, he swears to have only practiced foot massages, without sexual connotations. ...
The order of the government to stay at home amid the pandemic isn’t easy to follow. With the number of people in the country who lost their jobs, people are eager to reopen the economy. Those who couldn’t take...


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Sands: poverty reduction directed almost all development programs

Sands: poverty reduction directed almost all development programs

Press Secretary of the President of Russia said that persistent poverty is a serious problem. For the eradication of poverty focused almost all development programs