Вести.net: access to critical sites will be free for the Russians

the loudest or discuss IT-news in the message of the President to the Federal Assembly was the statement that in our country should receive free access to significant resources. This project is called “affordable Internet”. After the President’s speech, the head of Rostelecom Mikhail Oseevsky explained that we are talking about the list of important sites to which access should be free in the first place through the mobile network. According to him, the list will include the sites of public Services, government Agencies and medical facilities completely free on the Internet in Russia is out of the question, although at first some thought it so.

In his letter Vladimir Putin also indicated areas that define the future. In his opinion, this artificial intelligence, genetics, and new materials, and new sources of energy and digital technologies. He gave to deputies assigned to cover two of the package of laws. First, it’s called the law of regulatory digital sandboxes. It a year ago introduced the “economic development”. The authors explained that today the laws have not always kept pace with the technology development, so as not to delay the implementation of new solutions, in “economic development” proposed the creation of a whole set of such sandboxes.

they will be able to join the company for the development which are not the right laws, for example, a Corporation engaged in the development of unmanned vehicles. They agree among themselves, with the expert and the Ministry about what additional standards they need. The Ministry approves them and runs the experiment, its duration cannot exceed three years, and it can be closed at any time if something went wrong. If everything is in order, the three years is sufficient for the development and adoption of the necessary laws. This initiative was proposed to adopt last year, but still not accepted.

And now a little about the technologies in the figures, a small percentage of IT components, mobile applications. For 2019, the citizens of Russia paid in Google Play and App Store more than a billion dollars. At compared with the year 2016 this is an increase of 155%. Such statistics led a research company App Annie. Analysts also compared with our fellow users from other countries and it turned out that the leader of the rating was China. There I spent $45 billion more Details in the program Вести.net.

Text: To.Hi-tech