Вести.net Google and Microsoft have advocated the prohibition of face recognition technology

Google and Microsoft have advocated the prohibition of face recognition technology. the Head of Google, Sundar Pichai expressed support for the EU is to ban the use of face recognition technology. let me Remind you, the European authorities are considering the introduction of a five-year moratorium on the use of technology in public places. During this time, professionals and officials need to develop rules for the use of systems recognition.

According to Sundar Pichai, Google has refused to fully implement this technology in their products, as it can be used by unscrupulous users to nefarious purposes, so according to the CEO of the Corporation, regulators around the world it is crucial to develop a regulatory framework for the use of technology, and until then we should introduce a temporary ban on its use.

Not so categorically and with reservations, but still supported the ban, and Microsoft. According to its representatives need to first define problems and then develop rules that ensure that the technology will not be used for mass surveillance. However, as noted in the company, does not make sense to completely abandon technology, even as a temporary measure. Company representatives were reminded of the benefits of technology in some cases, for example, to search for missing children.

Interestingly, in Washington, Congress is also actively discussing the decision of the European Union in relation to monitoring and face recognition. And while total technology use policy I see two big problems. The first is that the person identified in the crowd at the rally can chase and pressure him for political reasons.

the Second problem is the potential amplification of racial discrimination. A study conducted by the National Institute of standards and technology U.S. Department of Commerce showed that some system of facial recognition mistaken from ten to one hundred times more often when identificeret African Americans or people from Asia and Mexico. The study lasted more than a year and was initiated after the discovery of the problem of misidentification in one of the most popular face recognition system in America Amazon Rekognition. Details in the program Вести.net.

Text: To.Hi-tech