Вести.net Google has launched a project to reduce dependence on smartphone

the United Nations joins the chorus of those who are concerned about the statements that the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia was directly related to the organization of data leakage from the mobile head of Amazon Jeff Bezos. UN experts called for an immediate investigation into allegations that the crown Prince’s account was used to hack WhatsApp, in addition to UN-believe – this situation has opened the issue of unregulated sale and use of spyware. Such tools, according to experts, should be governed by “the strictest control” to prevent abuses until the moratorium on the sale or transfer of such technologies of surveillance.

other technonology. Google has launched a project to reduce dependence on the smartphone. The company offered to pack it in a special opaque envelope, which limits the capabilities of the device by dialing and receiving calls. This is an extreme measure for those who will not resist the temptation to Petrolite social networking on the screen.

Lite version is an application Envelope, after downloading it limits the phone solely for voice calls and camera. This is just one of those projects that Google has launched in the framework of “Digital prosperity”. The other two are also applications designed to track user activity. Details in the program Вести.net.

Text: To.Hi-tech