Вести.net in the U.S. reporters found analogue FindFace

In the US, reporters found the analogue FindFace, access to which is sold to police and intelligence agencies. Clearview AI startup, has developed an application for face recognition, which uses a database of images of Facebook, YouTube and other sites. This service FindFace in 2016, was developed in Russia. It also allowed photos to find a person in the social network “Vkontakte”. The service was useful in the detection of offenders, but has caused a number of scandals related to privacy. We can assume that the developers of Clearview AI was inspired by the example that is FindFace.

according to the newspaper The New York Times, access to the Clearview system is, including the police, intelligence services of the USA and Canada, and do not hide it. 2019 Clearview AI according to their own information works with more than restucture government agencies. According to the developers, the system finds up to 75% of the matches. However to determine the percentage about the issue is impossible, as the technology did not pass any checks by independent experts.

Interviewed by journalists, law enforcement officials say the system is effective. The newspaper noted that data collection methods violate policies of the social networks and viewing platforms. At Clearview AI, in turn, said that the startup uses only publicly available image. That is, if the user changes the privacy settings of Facebook, the system will not include photos from the profile. Details in the program Вести.net.

Text: To.Hi-tech