Вести.net Intel introduced at CES, the flexible computer

the day before the official opening of the largest technological exhibition CES in Las Vegas its large press conference held two sworn rival, the two largest developer of processors: Intel and Qualcomm.

let’s Start with Intel, they are larger, for now at least. In the sense that Intel in the mobile market no longer apply, but Qualcomm on the market of personal computers attempts. However, Intel seems a greater threat to the dominance of the Intel X86 personal computers and servers is seen not so much UMD solutions from Qualcomm, but the manufacturer of graphics accelerators, which is significantly better than the Central processors solve problems of artificial intelligence and all sorts of neurotically. Actually, that artificial intelligence was anyway dedicated almost all Intel presentation.

the scale of the challenge for the coming years the CEO of Intel has described quite vividly. Bob Swan, CEO of Intel: “one Hundred seventy-five ZB of data will be generated in 2025. I’m sure many of you watch movies in HD, so for understanding 175 ZB of data that will be created in 2025 is equivalent to 6.5 billion years of video in high quality, and about half of this amount of data will be created “smart” devices, wearable devices, connected industrial equipment, commercial equipment, connected cars. Only 1% of such data today is processed by artificial intelligence”.

It’s the fact that all of these countless amounts of data to store, transmit and analyze, here in fact, Intel sees its future, and the main competitor, obviously, manufacturer of video processors Nvidia, at least with its decision-compare the performance of your specialized neuroprocessor Nervana. It obviously meant when announced a new generation of server processors Xeon, with integrated neuroprocessor, which is said to be 60% quicktray predecessors in terms of training neural networks. There is an obvious reference to the fact that today is increasingly in the construction of the supercomputer on Xeon and add another couple of racks with processors from Nvidia, just for the task of artificial intelligence, as for the devices that you can buy a simple mortal, Intel launched a dozen laptops from different brands including a transformer with a flexible screen, or even two, but a mass only one of them. Details in the program Вести.net.

Text: To.Hi-tech