Вести.net Lenovo came to CES with three presentations of 2020 in one day

Lenovo came from the three major presentations of CES 2020 in one day. It’s about the fact that in one day its main reports was done by the heads of major manufacturers of processors: Intel, AMD and Qualcomm, and in all of these events took part the top managers of Lenovo with their new products, and fundamentally different in all three cases, quite curious.

moreover, if components AMD built Yoga Slim 7, claimed as the lightest and thinnest laptop computer with eight cores, which in itself is good, but imagination is not amazing. Here at the press conference, Qualcomm was presented the world’s first 5G laptop. This device category is always connected to the cellular modem and the main CPU from Qualcomm. The processor is similar to what is in smartphones, that is a fundamentally different architecture than the usual PC Intel X86 and its main charm is the incredible efficiency – day of work from the battery even in laboratory conditions. But the performance has left many asking questions.

Sergei Balashov, a specialist in consumer technology Lenovo: “This processor for the segment of laptops is quite a new solution, and we are not prepared to give any comparative performance tests, but it is clear that this is not a heavy duty device, it is not a gaming laptop and its main purpose is to work long on battery. We believe that the niche that is small, maybe two or three per cent of the market, it is hard to say, but we believe that 2020 is the year 5G, from both the devices and the network providers and this niche will grow.”

during the presentation, Intel, Lenovo showed that is also unlikely to become mainstream in the near future, but definitely in the trend on the wave of hype. It serial – the counters will appear in a couple of months.

Philip Trofimov: “a Foldable or flexible electronics format laptop. This folding device in fact, as they say, a full-fledged laptop, but just because that he had a full-fledged laptop CPU, a full-fledged Windows 10. It’s got active cooling, i.e. no discount, the CPU is running at full capacity and it folds up into such a small elegant little book, or converts into a large monitor or a small laptop. Folds on a folding display is not actually visible, there is a little trick. This display is composed of a sufficiently large radius. Officially it’s made for that in the folded state housed the keyboard.” Details in the program Вести.net.

Text: To.Hi-tech