Вести.net Microsoft removes Windows 7 support

Microsoft has officially stopped supporting Windows 7. OSes now will not be updated, it is quite typical cycle life operating systems. At the time, so it was with Windows XP. The important thing is that Microsoft still releases for its system critical updates if they discover a serious security vulnerability, and is especially important for businesses, because companies often can not change the purchased computers and work on older versions, they often work banking terminals, ticket offices and so on.

In particular, it is because of this Windows 7 is so popular, including in Russia, and according to StatCounter accounts for 32% of all computers on Windows in the country. For comparison, on the tenth of approximately 57%. Well, in short, ordinary users should not worry, the computer will not turn into a pumpkin and never will be hacked instantly.

car sharing “Yandex.Drive” has announced the release of the European market, this was told by representatives of the service. Details of the project, the company has not disclosed very much, and in the “Yandex” has announced that it will launch the service in Europe. Plan to transfer there in the streets a fleet of thousands of electric vehicles and still choose in which city or cities to do it. One of them, Madrid and Copenhagen, as well as the cities of France and Italy. One of the important conditions of the company – developed infrastructure for electric vehicles, it seems that such a statement of “Yandex” wants to draw attention to the project and to get as many proposals from different municipalities. Details in the program Вести.net.

Text: To.Hi-tech