Вести.net Qualcomm is developing 5G and targeting new markets

the Press conference, Qualcomm, the largest developer of mobile chips, processors and modems for smartphones of course could not do without mentioning 5G, the benefit in this area in spite of all the global trade wars, embargoes, prohibitions and sanctions in respect of separate companies, all right very well, or at least looks like those reports.

It is primarily about speed of implementation. If you believe the same reports, communication of the 4th generation for the first year of introducing the technology have mastered the four cellular operators on the planet, and 5G in the same first year over forty operators. But it’s all mobile market where Qualcomm, there is little danger, because pretty quickly moved on to laptops. Here is absolutely dominated by the X86 architecture, but Qualcomm does not leave attempts to gain a foothold there.

Cristiano Amon, President of Qualcomm: “5G PC is now a reality. And it will determine the future of the personal computer industry. I repeat what I have said, if you believe in the industry transition to cloud-based data and services to the corporate cloud, which is already more than successful doing the same with Microsoft Azure infrastructure and cloud-based Suite of office programs, and if you believe in such a future IT, you can not do without a computer with built in 5G modem. Such will be the working place in the near future.”

thereupon solemnly announced that the first in the history of mankind 5G PC is already here and came on the scene, senior Vice President of Lenovo laptop Yoga, built on the Qualcomm and Qualcomm. However, there is a feeling that Qualcomm’s not so smooth as we would like, because this is the first 5G PC, presented at this conference were as officially announced in may last year, at Computex. So now it’s a serial device. But an abundance of laptops with 5G from different vendors and has not appeared.

a Good half very full Qualcomm presentation was dedicated to cars. Again, of course, PRabout 5G is not forgotten. Then comparisons of the rate of introducing the technology look more interesting than in the mobile sphere. According to forecasts from Qualcomm in the next couple of years anyway technology 5G will adapt 18 of the world’s largest automakers. Details in the program Вести.net.

Text: To.Hi-tech