Вести.net Samsung Galaxy Z will be tripled

Samsung’s Flagship smartphone Galaxy Z will be tripled. The Korean company is developing three new models foldable smartphone. It is expected that 11 February will be a smartphone-clamshell Galaxy Z Flip, which is folded vertically as the Motorola Razr, then in the middle of the year, the reporters are waiting for the sequel the basic version Galaxy 2 Fold, but by the end of the year, is likely to be a model, folded three times. If the first two it was clear that the rumors controllably flowed into the media, then fold three times Galaxy Z seems to be filmed in China by accident. The photo shows a poster with a picture of the device.

Features of the smartphone are yet to be announced, but now it is clear that in the unfolded form such a device will Fold more than a normal Galaxy, that is probably the size of a regular tablet. Interestingly, this tablet is not new, the company TCL in the fall showed similar prototype of a smartphone, down also three times.

Text: To.Hi-tech