Вести.net Samsung introduced at CES 2020 robots-bun

At CES 2020, held in Las Vegas, Samsung unveiled a small home robot. It looks like a small ball that could roll with the master and follow him with the camera. Stated that the robot recognizes the owners and the motion of objects around them, for this case there is a set of sensors. Yet he has a regular camera that can record video with family members or Pets on the memory. The robot also understands simple commands like “faster”, “come to me”, “music”, and the like.

In a press release stated that you can talk to him, but in the video on the stage and on the exhibition stand the robot voice was only published in response to the greeting of the man, something sounds more like it BB-8, the robot from the Saga “Star wars.” Most likely robot Samsung may be asked to perform various tasks, and some tasks it performs automatically, for example to schedule in advance. Joke with or share replicas of the robot does not seem to be. In General Ballie combines the functions of a voice assistant, camera and control center “smart” home. The robot is able to interact with the Internet of things, launch a robot vacuum cleaner, adjust the temperature in the apartment, turn on the TV, open the curtains and so on.

Samsung is confident that its capabilities can continually expand at the expense of artificial intelligence and system scaling smart gadgets in addition to Korean companies believe that this format is in the form of a small robot assistant will allow the elderly easier to develop “smart” house and get used to the voice control.

by the Way due to the recognition of the user and its position in space of the robot can be used as a sensor for system health monitoring on a case if suddenly the person has fallen and cannot get up, then Ballie could send an alarm to relatives or doctors. It is quite popular around the world and similar security smart systemCherry Home he designed and launched the sale of the company of our compatriot Nikolay Davydov. When Ballie will be available to ordinary users and how much it will cost is unclear. Details in the program Вести.net.

Text: To.Hi-tech