Вести.net: Sony is going to introduce the PlayStation 5 in a month

Sony is likely to unveil its new PlayStation 5 a month on your festival in new York. This is quite unexpected news for the entire industry and hundreds of millions of users.

Sony second consecutive passes of the main gaming exhibition E3, which is traditionally held in Los Angeles. And if last year, when the company first missed the exhibition, she explained that she doesn’t have enough material to go there, but this year everyone was waiting for her there. She’s said that in 2020, will show its new console new generation of Sony PlayStation 5. But a company representative confirmed to the American press that the Japanese Corporation will skip E3 again.

Then begins the area of rumors. Sony just opened his own pad in new York – festival PlayStation Experience, which will last until February 16. Some publications-insiders tell that the curtain of this festival, the Japanese company will finally show the console, and it will happen in a month.

Sony’s Main competitor is Microsoft, which is now playing catch-up with his Xbox, probably will hold the traditional presentation as part of E3 in June of this year and, most of all, this is where the company will demonstrate its version of a new generation of consoles. It is called Series X. Thus Sony will show your sample before the competitor, and Microsoft will be able to adjust prices or may even modify your copy of the presentation.

Text: To.Hi-tech