Вести.net: Telegram is obliged to disclose information on the use of investment

new York Court ordered the Telegram to disclose information where the $1.7 billion that the messenger collected by the ICO of its cryptocurrency Gram. Now the company has until February 26 to prepare and submit the documents.

the Court, in effect, put an end to the dispute of the messenger of Pavel Durov with the securities and exchange Commission of the United States. The regulator insisted that the Telegram release their coins on the platform TON, same with shares, so the company had to arrange it accordingly and disclose information about investors. Telegram insisted – coin cannot be equated to a securities and last week the command of the messenger even released a lengthy post in which he stated that no one promised profits from the sale of cryptocurrency Gram. This explanation, the Commission did not believe, moreover, officials found that by holding the Telegram ICO acted on the classical scheme of placing of shares has supplied major companies, which resold the cryptocurrency for the Commission.

In the end, the Telegram has lost court and on February 26 must disclose banking information and time to resolve the conflict with the Commission at the Telegram, there are fewer, because the company promised investors that the TON platform will be launched in April this year.

Problems with the American authorities have the Apple, the Cupertino-based company refused to unlock two phone terrorist and now it is accused almost of assistance to the rebels. Moreover, criticism of Apple was made by U.S. attorney General William Barr. Speaking with news about the investigation into the attack on the marine base USA in Florida, which occurred on December 6, he noted that investigators found two iPhone assailant. But there is a problem, both iPhone password-protected, and Apple refused to take it off and bypass otherwise. Details in the program Вести.net.

Text: To.Hi-tech