Вести.net: unmanned taxi

for the Second year in a row unmanned division of Yandex rolls journalists and sometimes officials on the roads of Las Vegas. And every year complicated. Last year Yandex was the first who drove people to the quick, that is not blocked Las Vegas without insuring the driver behind the wheel – he was put right, the local rules allow it. The reaction of the press and professionals was without exaggeration enthusiastic.

this year in his speech in the framework of the CES, the head of transport Department of America Helen Chao said that the United States will not go to strojenie laws regulating the industry of unmanned vehicles to provide the country leadership in this area. And engineers “Yandex” has further complicated the program of demonstration rides, or at least made it more effective.

Philip Trofimov: “the New version of the attraction from “Yandex” – front row seats no one else is around. Insuring an engineer there, but he sits back and looks like the passenger.”

“Yandex” in the United States for two of the drone and the Park in the coming months is expected to increase five to six times. And then all this will drive to Detroit the next demo rides will be held there within the framework of the Detroit motor show. In which state this miniflat will be based on the question unanswered, but, apparently, the American drone hub “Yandex” to be.

Another reason to be proud – the company WayRay is a Russian engineers who develop for the world’s largest automakers of the system of projecting images on the windshield. Of the well-known partners, such as Porsche. Many names are not disclosed for reasons of commercial and other secrets, but on the stand WayRay saw known in the auto world faces last year and the year before. Details in the program Вести.net.

Text: To.Hi-tech