Вести.net: WeChat will block accounts for false data on coronavirus

the administration of the messenger WeChat, according to the portal CNMO, threatened a lifetime ban for posting false information on the spread of the coronavirus in China. This can be one of the most severe measures, taking into account the fact that WeChat is not just a messenger, it’s national superpilot with the audience more than a billion users who use this WeChat the to pay for the purchase in the shop, find out official news, interact with companies and authorities. No WeChat in China it is hard to tourist and citizen of China, probably not at all.

However, in the case of today’s emergency risks for the users, WeChat is not restricted. In the same instant messenger created by official, I mean a national hotline where you can report officials who are not actively fighting the epidemic. You can also see not driving if he or someone close to you on the same bus with those who are already sick and generally there actively collect information about the movements of infected people in the country and their possible contacts.

To hardware news. The EU forced Apple to abandon its own proprietary standard data cables and charging devices Lightning. From the company will demand a shift to a port USB Type-C. among other things, the initiative of the Slovak members of the Commission Maros Sefchovich. He proposed to establish a single standard charging port for all smartphones. The European Commission believes that a huge number of various adapters create a lot of waste. It is estimated at 51 thousand tonnes per year. And process for obtaining valuable components don’t always make sense. Details in the program Вести.net.

Text: To.Hi-tech