Вести.net: what can be

the message to the Federal Assembly, the President spoke of “accessible” Internet — free access to the network, and this topic has become perhaps the most discussed, at least from the list of proposals in the field of IT-technologies. In this case we are not talking about free social online as some initially assumed, it is about free access to socially important domestic Internet services throughout the country, that’s the way it was formulated.

what exactly are the services will be free access, how it will be implemented technically, so far, neither the President nor officials did not elaborate, but the statement is already commented the head of “Rostelecom” Mikhail Oseevsky and the special representative of the President of Russia on the issues of digital technological development, Dmitry Peskov. Based on their answers you can try to imagine how it will work. Probably talking about how to get traffic to socially important domestic services are not billed, and users can access them even if they run out of money in the account. And, as noted by the Governor in the first place it probably will apply to mobile Internet at least, because in many tariffs traffic is limited or even paid for separately. After the entry into force of the initiative, any user will be able to access socially important sites no restrictions, this is especially true for remote areas, for example, to Chukotka.

In the settlements have not had fiber optics, mobile Internet is often very expensive, and traffic is severely limited. In the same Anadyr for unlimited Internet it is necessary to pay not less than 1000 rubles per month, twice, and even three more than in the Central regions of Russia. With home Internet all usually easier who have it, it is usually unlimited access. It is unclear whether to open social sites if people have not paid for mobile or home Internet. Details in the program Вести.net.

Text: News.Hi-tech