Service ads “whirligig” has launched just two new functions: they learned to predict the date of sale depending on the price of it and recognize the potential for product photography. As for predictions – after the user enters all the information that wants to sell, for example, points to the smartphone model and its condition, the application dictates what price is put on this item and how long it is likely to be able to sell.

the Stated idea is that in the General case the users of the so-called classifides, that is, sites with ads, you need to manually learn what put the prices on similar products from other users, but the service has a dataset of prices for all goods and terms of sale, which means it can deal with forecasting and consulting. Here it is worth saying that while the algorithm suggests rather a lower price that is certainly clear, as a product you can sell it faster, but on the other hand, there are excesses.

So for the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which is new is 160 thousand rubles, the application is proposed to ask for only 30 000 rubles. That is a good idea, but to understand the approximate value sold still need. Well, the recognition of objects in pictures is a way to simplify the creation of the ad. The app offers actually scan the item using the camera as a neural network, analyzing the video to determine what it is and will automatically be given a category, or, for example, the model of the phone, which is convenient, but again, works is not yet perfect. It certainly can distinguish the keyboard from the phone to say, but in the logic further prompts mistakes happen.

To theadministrative news. The Federal Antimonopoly service initiated proceedings against the pillar of the hospitality business – hotels aggregator Booking.com. It is assumed that the service imposes on the hotels agreement that violates free competition, we are talking about additional agreement under which the hotels advertised on Booking.com ne can offer rooms cheaper on other services or their own sites. Details in the program Вести.net.

Text: To.Hi-tech