100% charge smartphone: you like the battery — no

Disputes about how to correctly charge smartphones and mobile phones, not fewer years than the technology of mobile devices. In recent years, most smartphones put lithium-ion batteries, which have to operate in a particular manner to avoid premature loss of capacity.

learn how to charge your smartphone, in order not to damage the battery ahead of time, told the publication Business Insider Dominic Schulte. He is a managing Director in BatterieIngenieure – German research-and-production firm, specializing in the rechargeable batteries.

On the question of when to charge your smartphone, Schulte said, it can be done at any time. How to properly handle the battery iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or any other modern mobile device is one main principle: to avoid a situation when battery long time kept at 100% charge and continues to charge – for example at night.

smartphone Manufacturers are not too concerned that most users charge their devices just so – the whole night, that is charged incorrectly. Perhaps because the impact of this approach is not immediately, or maybe just due to the fact that to produce too durable smartphones are unprofitable. In Google on the request of Business Insider noted that modern smartphones have a power controller that stops charging each time the battery is full. It would resume the process only after the device is at least a little drained.

At the same time and Schulte from BatterieIngenieure, and producers agree on one thing: smartphone storage fully charged harm the battery. If you are going some time not to use the device, it is better to turn it off, make sure that you reduce the charge level to approximately 50%. The German expert believes that the slowest batteries “age” in storage if charged by 30-50%.

That is, even if you love itlike to see on your smartphone screen such soothing words “100%” or filled up the green indicator want to charge any price is not worth the battery for a long time to be in this state don’t like. To optimally charge the battery as needed during the day: up to 50, 70 or 80 percent – as it will. But if he managed to charge to 100% – better to extend the life of smartphone battery to turn it off at this point from the charger.

Text: To.Hi-tech