Note: This article contains photos depicting massive physical violence; they serve for documentation purposes.

The war began in winter, lasted all spring, and will probably rage on for other seasons to come. In the conflict, which has now been going on for 100 days, it is impossible to get exact figures: How many buildings have been leveled in Ukraine? How many body parts were severed? How many children have been victims of brutal violence? How many people had to flee? How many mothers, fathers, sons and daughters were killed? How many dreams have been shattered? The war that Russian leader Vladimir Putin started is easier to document in the form of images.

Photographers from the AFP and AP news agencies captured the state terror — people lying on the ground amid bombing at a hospital in Mariupol and a group of refugees under a bridge. The images show the grief of crying survivors and families torn apart by war.

Among the photos is that of a soldier playing with a ball amidst the violence, and another is of a soldier spontaneously singing. A Ukrainian sniper’s point of view shows a car driving down a highway. A landscape with destroyed buildings and broken Russian tanks is captured.

The pictures mostly show corpses – corpses in ditches; corpses half buried against a mound; corpses lying on the ground; Corpses lying in a pool of blood and corpses in coffins. The corpse of a soldier can be seen, placed like a statue on a metal barrier.

100 days ago, a bathtub was used to take a bath. Meanwhile, a bathtub is used by a little girl and her dog to protect themselves from bombs.