16 June in Moscow will earn the summer veranda cafes, museums and zoos

On 16 June in Moscow will begin a new stage of lifting the restrictions imposed because of the epidemic of the coronavirus COVID-19. In the capital earn summer terraces of restaurants and cafes, a zoo, museums and exhibition halls.

Schedule for the phased lifting of restrictions was announced by Sergei Sobyanin. June 9 was canceled by the permit regime and the regime of self-isolation, opened beauty salons and hairstyling earned car sharing. A new phase begins Tuesday, June 16.

If you have previously cafes and restaurants could operate solely on delivery, but now they are allowed to open summer terraces. However, the owners are required to fulfill the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor to have personal protective equipment and disinfection, temperature control of employees and visitors, and to arrange the tables so that guests is able to observe social distance. All the restaurants and cafes will open June 23, according to RIA Novosti.

In museums you can get only e-tickets. The museums will also comply with all necessary requirements for security – protection, temperature control of the body. Routing inside the Museum would be built in such a way as to exclude counter flows of people. The tour groups can not be more than five people.

Tickets to the zoo too, you can only buy through the Internet. Will remain closed internal spaces of the pavilions, and a children’s zoo. Yet you can not use benches, playgrounds and pavilions.

From June 16 to open libraries, rental services, advertising, consulting and other Agency real estate office. Dental clinic, previously provided only emergency care, will start scheduled patients.

Also you can visit a sporting event, but the stands should not be filled more than ten percent.