16-year-old took his own life, not wanting to marry 50-year-old

Investigators of Yekaterinburg opened a criminal case under article “Incitement to suicide” in death of 16-year-old girl. According to preliminary data, on a terrible pitch, the teenager decided because of the reluctance to get married.

according to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the incident occurred on January 10. The body of a girl found on the street under the Windows of the house where she lived with his family.

ethnic girl and her parents Yazidis. The family adhere to traditional ethnic religions. The teenager was not registered in social networks, while mom and dad didn’t forbid her to walk and spend time with friends. Positively of the family speak teachers and law enforcement officers.

One of the teachers said that the girl had never been seen suicidal. The girl was a good student, she was forbidden to go on social events such as going to the Museum or movie. After the ninth grade, she did not continue the training.

the Teacher also reported that parents were going to give out his daughter in marriage. According to their religion, a woman would become a wife of 16 years.

This information was confirmed by one of the friends of the deceased. According to her, shortly before the tragic incident, the girl and her family went to Omsk, where he lived to her potential husband, who picked up a teen mother and father.

currently, it turns out that was the reason for the decision of girls to settle scores with life. It is possible that the teenager wanted to marry. According to some media reports, the future spouse was 50 years old. The investigative Committee had no immediate comment on the investigation.