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16 years and over: from 1 July in Russia simplifies obtaining the status of self-employed

16 years and over: from 1 July in Russia simplifies obtaining the status of self-employed

Russian banks are preparing service packages specifically for the self-employed. Take advantage of banking products, including loans, will be possible in all regions from 1 July. The decision to extend the tax program for the entire territory of Russia was received by the President.

From 16 and older. From July 1 to become self-employed you can even first-year students. And most importantly — in any region of the country. Vladimir Putin in a televised address on June 23 proposed to simplify obtaining this tax status.

“From 1 July on the territory of the country and all regions should have the right to enter the regime of self-employed. This means that people can officially and safely to work. I also think that you need to give the self-employed status not 18, but 16 years”, — said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to the NRF, the most popular professions among the self-employed — driver, tutor, programmer. Experiment also showed that out of the “gray zone” managed to bring those, who rent apartments, is engaged in advertising and creative professionals. A total of 741 thousand people, according to the Ministry of Finance.

“Very well. You don’t even know how a person feels happiness, when it is convenient to pay. Moreover, many want to pay to be in the legal field. Anyone who wants to be a free man. And when you do not pay taxes, but earn you not a free man. You think: “How so? If someone finds out?” And so you become full, a free man,” says self-employed, vocal coach Manvel Grigoryan.

Banks have already responded to the innovation and ready to offer self-employed their services. Service connected and those who worked exclusively with legal entities. Self-employed get access to credit tools.

“We have developed a special rating model. It builds on the experience of past work, including other banks. It allows you to startwere self employed provide loans of up to 500 thousand rubles. For those who have experience, some statements, it can be loans up to 5 million rubles,” — said the Chairman of the “SME Bank” Dmitry Golovanov.

In only one “SME Bank” for loans for self employed now pledged 10 billion rubles. According to experts, this will allow the most successful in the future to expand and increase your income. But for someone — for the first time to earn legally.

“one More important thing is the extension of age of self-employed. We are talking about young people 16-18 years. We have a very active youth. She often earns in parallel with his studies, but the inability to legally register their status does not give opportunities to many who would like to start to try yourself at work, start earning. Thus, it demotivates young people completing school work at all”, — commented rector, national research UNIVERSITY “Higher school of Economics” Yaroslav Kuzminov.

the Number of young people who want to get the status of self-employed, estimated at 500 thousand people. The total number of those who pay tax at the individual’s income can reach up to 3 million people. The experiment showed — to force people to go legit there’s no need to create the conditions.