20 blows with a knife from the animator: the hotel needs to pay for the treatment of the Russian boy

the Moscow city court has collected from the hotel in Crete 500 thousand Euro for the treatment and rehabilitation of the child, who attacked the animator. The shocking incident took place 7 years ago. 11-year-old Nikita Onishchenko has received more than 20 blows by a knife. Only by a miracle he was able to save, but all his life he was an invalid.

This judgement, the family of Nikita Onishchenko was waiting for almost seven years. In 2013, on vacation in Greece 11-year-old boy almost died at the hands of inadequate animator.

the Moscow city court reviewed the case. The owner of the hotel where the tragedy occurred, should pay 3 thousand euros, as previously agreed Butyrskaya court, and half a million euros. Compensation for moral damages from the tour operator in this case will amount to 100 thousand rubles.

“We believe that “coral travel” should bear joint and several liability. And moral damages, which the court granted in the amount of 100 thousand rubles, it is a mockery. But in terms of compensation for the costs incurred, the court has satisfied the claim in full,” — said Dieter Spannagel a lawyer, a representative of the family Onishchenko.

Nikita Onishchenko recently turned 17 years old. Recent years, his family is forced to live in Germany, where the young man is undergoing a costly rehabilitation.

“We again need surgery. Serious. Again on the spine. We are constantly looking for money because I cannot work. I always have for Nikita to follow,” says Kateryna Onishchenko, the mother of Nikita Onishchenko.

it All happened in a five star hotel on the island of Crete. Animator during a children’s show stole from Nikita’s phone and tablet. 11-year-old boy suspected of stealing the Dutchman of Serino of Shravana and asked to return. Then the animator took Nikita to a deserted car Park, took out a knife and began methodically to strike.

“Grabbed my arm and threw me in the pit. Then I fell on his stomach, and he started stabbing me with a knife back. I started to scream help. And he came back. And began, roughly speaking, to finish me off, trying to kill me", — says Nikita Onishchenko.

Nikita has received more than 20 blows by a knife. Lost a lot of blood, was the injured spinal cord. He survived but is now in a wheelchair. The entire lower part of the body is paralyzed.

– He did it all deliberately, and his apology I don’t accept.

For the attempted murder Schrijver received the 11-year period. But he served only three years and not in jail and in a psychiatric hospital. In 2018 the film crew of “Vesti” found the culprit in the Netherlands. As if nothing had happened he worked in a bar.

– we had a party, we drank.

– were You drunk?

Maybe. I didn’t kill. I did 3 years and 7 months. I didn’t have fights and problems, I was released.

But worthy of the compensation that was awarded to the Moscow city court, only on paper. Money will collect from the hotel in Greece. How long will it take time, is unknown. And while the family Onishchenko paying the debts for medical treatment and collect the new amount for the operation.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”