2019-nCoV can continue to mutate

Author: Dmitry Kiselev

the world’s Attention focused on China, where defense is gaining new coronavirus. The virus is so called because the shell of this virus family are covered with thorn branches, like a corona around it.

Specifically, the new Chinese virus killer called complex code — 2019-nCoV. He was already killed more than forty people, and in place of the first flash — Wuhan — quarantined with prohibition of entry and exit. And this is for cities with a population of under ten million people.

While the ill account far exceeded a thousand. The coronavirus had spread far beyond mainland China. Known about the infection cases in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, and the United States and France.

the world health organization recommended that all countries prepare for containment: “All countries must be ready to implement containment measures, including the conduct of active surveillance, early detection, isolation and management of cases, contact tracing and prevention of further spread of infection.” The situation is extremely alarming.

Author: Alexander Balitsky

To combat coronavirus in China already abandoned and the army. Hundreds of military doctors sent to become the epicenter of the disease Hubei province. Only their planes and taking the airport of Wuhan. The city is closed on quarantine.

And now in the quarantine blockade the whole province — nearly 100 million people. The only way to prevent lethal infection continue to spread rapidly.

Locked in Wuhan turned out to be not less than five hundred Russians. Usually busy streets of the 12-million metropolis empty. Closed shops, metro. Shut down all public transport.

the Russian Embassy has appealed to all compatriots in Wuhan to get in touch. Trying to negotiate to get them from the source of infection, especially in hospitals of the city collapse. The people in the wards, PRyumnam peace, even in the corridors. Some lose consciousness.

full at the moment and the Beijing clinic. They switched to enhanced mode. Anyone who has symptoms of illness, immediately isolate.

Everyone with suspected virus transporterowych in special insulated boxes. Are now in every airport. When the score goes infected hundreds, and in hastily converted clinics places are not enough, the authorities immediately begin to build in Wuhan from 2 specialised hospitals: each in a thousand places.

the Clinic Ringingtone — she took the first viral impact now like the exclusion zone. Protective suit, mask, gloves, Shoe covers, over — one suit and Shoe covers again: to avoid Contracting the virus, which is everywhere, precautions, the maximum.

On the health status of patients with dangerous pneumonia, the medical staff shall report through the bulletproof glass. Isolated patients as they can calm the relatives. Doctors are at the limit. After many hours of duty at the faces from the face masks already and bruises.

China’s leader ordered the creation of a special unit of the Communist party to coordinate the struggle with the virus. The words of XI Jinping leads Central television: “the authorities must always stand at the forefront to ensure social stability”.

regional officials of the need to immediately report all information about the virus, no silence. And to not panic. To avoid the shortage in Hubei organized a “green corridor” for food and medicine. Antiviral drugs and masks sweep across the country.

Some enterprising Chinese tried to make — I collected the used masks and again they were Packed. These dealers have already found and arrested. And manufacturers of remedies is abolished in the factories of the weekend. And the authorities have threatened to pharmacies with fines for price gouging — a fine of up to three million yuan.

the Beijing subway nemnogolyudnyo And it’s not just the holidays that China has decided to spend at home. Many are trying even not to go. To avoid temptation, China cancelled all exhibitions, concerts and festive celebrations. Closed even a business card of Beijing, the Forbidden city and the Great wall of China. No tours in the country, and 27 January and abroad. People massively pass tickets.

But how many have those who managed to pass each other, because the outbreak of the coronavirus came in the season of the most massive in the world of migration, when hundreds of millions of Chinese rushed for hometowns to celebrate the Chinese New year?.. The train was carrying up to 100 million passengers.

Now candidates for closure — the whole Guangdong province and Shanghai. There decontaminate entire areas. Total disinfection in all public areas and in Beijing.

the Virus struck and the economy, burying domestic tourism. Air. Hence the fuel market. Stock indices and stocks sank. Fell all the consumption. The advantage is that pharmacists. And how much this will continue is not clear, because of the unknown nature of the virus. Although Chinese epidemiologists and was able to establish his chain, and the data is immediately transferred to the world health organization, what was the source of infection, the search which led to the local market.

It could be snakes, and bats — all in many Chinese provinces with pleasure eat. The control on the markets have tightened to the maximum. But the problem is complicated by the fact that the virus could mutate. Why every case of recovery as a holiday. And check out in the first day of the new year according to the lunar calendar for the men from Zhejiang was the best gift.

Congratulations to those who have overcome the virus, and sounded during the traditional gala concert is the only event that is not canceled new year’s eve. And words of encouragement to all those who continue to fight the disease, and every minute is growing.

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