The 2024 NHL draft was an exciting event that showcased the talent of young players entering the league. Rachel Doerrie, a professional data consultant with extensive experience in the NHL, shared her insights on the draft and graded each team’s performance.

When analyzing the Boston Bruins’ draft, they received a grade of C. With only four draft selections, three of which were in the 100s, the Bruins faced challenges in acquiring top talent. However, Dean Letourneau stood out as a promising pick, despite being a bit of a reach. Comparisons to Tage Thompson suggest Letourneau has the potential to make a significant impact for the team in the future. While Elliott Groenewold, Jonathan Morello, and Loke Johansson may not have immediate NHL projections, they are considered reasonable choices for mid-round picks, with a slim chance of making it to the big leagues.

Overall, the Boston Bruins faced limitations in the draft due to their limited number of selections and later picks. However, their strategic choices, particularly in selecting Letourneau, show a willingness to take risks and invest in potential future stars. As the players develop and progress, the true impact of the Bruins’ draft choices will become more apparent.