23 June in the capital unable to open gyms and swimming pools

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin the TV channel “Russia 24” said, when the capital can open gyms and swimming pools. According to him, the final decision of the city authorities in conjunction with the CPS will take on June 22.

Sobyanin drew attention to the fact that permission to open anything are given step by step. For example, on June 16, opened cafes, museums, zoo. It is necessary that the time had passed and you could see how it affected the situation with the spread of the coronavirus in Moscow has deteriorated or not.

the Mayor reminded that earlier in the capital, workers of theatres allowed to conduct the rehearsal. Were previously analysed the epidemiological situation. The same thing will happen with the easing of restrictions is scheduled for June 23. Of the decision likely to be announced during the day. According to Sergei Sobyanin, yet no alarms no, everything should be resolved in a positive way.

Earlier, the mayor said that in Moscow, despite the lifting of restrictions, the situation of the pandemic is improving every week. This Sobyanin drew attention to the fact that citizens should not visit crowded places because of the risk of Contracting the infection is still significant.