A quarter of a century is worth celebrating! Before the latest smartphones equipped with Bluetooth, camera, video player or even the Internet, most of us knew the legendary Nokia 3210.

This Wednesday, May 8, the Finnish company announced news that will delight fans. Human Mobile Devices (HMD), the makers of Nokia phones, has announced a new version of the 3210.

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This star of the 2000s sold 161 million copies at the time. Within the ranking, we find the Nokia 1100 sold 250 million copies in first position then the Nokia 1110 model with 248 million units. In third position, we have the iPhone 6/6 Plus with 222 million models sold, the Nokia 105 Series with 200 million copies then the Iphone 6S/6S Plus with 174 million copies, followed by the Iphone 5s with 165 million smartphones sold.

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Released in 1999, the Nokia 3210 had immense success around the world.

This new version of the Nokia 3210 has an elegant retro design and retains the legendary Snake game, but not only that. It has a 2 Mpx camera with flash, a flashlight, and a battery that lasts several days. This model will also be equipped with 4G “for very clear calls”, indicates HMD. This new model is available in three colors, Scuba Blue (blue), Y2K Gold (yellow) and Grunge Black (black). In terms of price, it is sold at €79.90.

This release takes us directly into 1999 and surfs on the “dumb phone”, otherwise known as “idiot phone”. This trend, very popular with Generation Z and millennials, consists of using the phone for its primary purpose: calling and sending text messages.

“The cultural icon Nokia 3210 is back at the top of the global cell phone boom for consumers looking to balance screen time with digital detox,” said Lars Silberbauer, CEO of Human Mobile Devices. (HMD).

In 2017, Nokia formalized the big return of the 3310. A new model that mixes the best features of the 3310 of the time and the recent Nokia 150. Available in many colors, this model has the iconic Nokia ringtone. It also has a call autonomy of 22 hours and can last 1 month on standby.

This improved 3310 runs Nokia Series 30. It has a 2 MP camera and 16 MB of internal storage, it is also Bluetooth compatible. On the other hand, it only has 2G. It is displayed at the modest sum of 49 euros.