25 years of the chamber: Kudrin plans to make state-owned companies more efficient

Russian President Vladimir Putin have discussed the projects with Alexei Kudrin. The meeting was timed to the birthday of the Supervisory authority. In Moscow on January 14, held an extended meeting of the Collegium of the accounts chamber. It was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Department. Spoke about the holiday, but the mood of the participants was in General a work.

At the meeting of the accounting chamber were not only congratulations on duty. Although the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin together with the official speech was offered Alexei Kudrin, quite original method of audit.

“How do we rate the happy childhood of kids? How can all this be measured? The only body that can do it is the chamber,” said the mayor.

he Himself Alexei Kudrin traditionally commented macroeconomics. In particular, the state budget surplus. Plus, 1 trillion rubles remained unspent on national projects, although the value added tax has risen from 18 percent to 20 percent.

“the ultra-high Proportion of payments paid by the oil and gas industry in GDP decreases. That’s why decrease and the budget still exist and live by it. That’s why those surpluses, which they say, temporary. Assume that if we drop taxes and spend long, long will not be able to hold out. While they are rather big, these revenues, — said Kudrin. — I believe that over the next six years it was possible to avoid the increase in VAT”.

we talked about the reform of the accounting chamber. Now any citizen can the Internet to obtain the text of any procurement, be it construction of roads, purchase of medicines or building materials. In terms of control over smuggling Alexei Kudrin told how he killed a police officer in Irkutsk region. In November 2019 the law enforcement authorities in Siberia have detained two local residents suspected in the illegal export of timber to China. And in the summer, the FSB detained the Minister of forest complex of the Irkutsk region.

“the test was Carried out by experienced professionals, whichwho previously worked in the customs authorities, who know how the system works Declaration. Revealed entire compositions that went beyond the territory of Russia with raw logs. We are currently working with law enforcement on this issue. Inferred resources for tens of millions of tons”, — said the head of the accounts chamber.

Tasks of the chamber of accounts is broader than simply the control of public procurement and execution of national projects. Another point of reference to make more efficient state-owned companies. In the near future, auditors will continue to analyze the work of “Rosatom”, the Federal road Agency, Railways, Rostec, Gazprom and Rosneftegaz.