27 Dec professional holiday is celebrated by rescuers

This day appeared in the calendar in 1995. Now EMERCOM of Russia includes the best specialists of the system, which allows to provide assistance to citizens in emergency situations. Day of a lifeguard — in the report, correspondent GTRK “Kaluga”.

Open the door to the apartment, where he closed the child to remove from the tree the kitten… such requests call them, and the rescuers of assistance is not denied. However, in response to their work officers receive not only gratitude, but sometimes critical comments. But that’s part of the job, said the rescuers.

the Third scheduled visit for the day. Experts need to saw off the tree that hangs over the building. Work is not the most difficult. However, after weather disasters statistics of visits on such matters is different.

“mostly damaged trees have come after the hurricanes. We have them two or three days then go apilevel. After the last hurricane that we had, was opilio about 90 trees”, — said Sergey Tanks, Director of rescue services in the city of Kaluga.

Sergei Tanks tells of romance, which often like to attribute the work of rescue, not here. Most of the time, take raids, for example, the fishermen that go out on thin ice.Rules of behavior on the water says Sergey familiar, it would seem, many. However, compliance with these rules knowledge are not always. That fish that swim kaluzhane love wherever they want to, not where it is recommended.

among the duties of the Kaluga rescuers included a lot of chances. To remove a hornet’s nest in the kindergarten — to them. A cat from a tree — please the pot, which someone tried on the head too can, like a ring with a swollen finger. But this is a rare moments. And here is help on how to unlock the door, is required quite often. A few minutes ago called and said to fluorescent lights, which threw near the trash cans. And rescuers went to collect them. And the other command e.g.Aviles to block the use of Vorob crossing. Every year we have to set the I-beam, welded to it support, to install reflectors. All in order to reduce the number of fans to skate on the ice on the car. In your professional day festivities rescuers do not plan to. Make no mistake — even if it is not urgent calls, the visits, the plan has not been canceled, and he is booked a year in advance.

Text: GTRK “Kaluga”