300 emergency crews save Moscow the effect of a powerful shower

30 millimeters per hour was reached, the intensity of rain in some parts of Moscow. This compares with a third of the monthly norm of precipitation, noted the Deputy mayor of the Russian capital Peter Biryukov. The rain was accompanied by thunderstorms, strong wind gusts and large hail.

In the regime of high alert due to the bad weather work and communal service of Moscow, according to TASS. Flooding eliminate 300 emergency responders “Mosvodostok”. Surprises about the nature of public utilities, weather forecasters warned in advance, so for city services storm was not a surprise. Emergency crews engineering companies and prefectural districts translated into clock mode. They are ready to promptly eliminate the consequences of falling trees and advertising structures, damaging roofs and power lines. In the Russian capital were damaged, five cars and a fallen tree blocked traffic at the Filevskaya metro line.

Pyotr Biryukov urged Muscovites not to leave the houses without special need, and if someone was on the street, be careful and not to shelter under trees and not to Park near to them cars.

the Warm weather with showers and thunderstorms promise in Moscow on the coming weekend.