44-year-old singer Sia has suddenly become a grandmother

Australian singer Sia, who is currently 44 years old, became a grandmother. Happy news, the actress announced during the show, Zane Lowe’s Apple Music. Amusing that only a year ago, Sia has adopted two black teenagers, and now she had grandchildren.

About the new addition to the family of the actress, reports the Daily Mail. Throughout the year, Sia was able to become a mother, and grandmother. Two heirs to the singer gave the younger of the two adopted boys. Then the boys were 18 years old, now 19.

Sia said that adopted children call her Nana. According to the artist, the adopted boys are “difficult”, they have a lot of injuries from the past. The singer drew attention to the fact that at the present time is trying to create for their children a peaceful and safe life.

the Actress gained fame after in 2014, she released a song called Chandelier. For her, the singer received four nominations for “Grammy”.