Home Breaking 5 to 7 years probation: lawyer told what punishment awaits Ephraim

5 to 7 years probation: lawyer told what punishment awaits Ephraim

5 to 7 years probation: lawyer told what punishment awaits Ephraim

the interrogation of the actor Mikhail Yefremov in connection with a fatal accident June 8 in the center of Moscow lasted about five hours. Investigators are trying to establish all the details of a terrible accident, which killed the driver of the van, Sergey Zakharov. What is known to this moment, and whether compensation to the victim’s family?

“He has lost 6 pounds and is still sitting at home,” screamed the housekeeper of Michael Ephraim gathered under the Windows of the reporters. The actor that’s supposed to bring in for questioning. The employees of the FSIN in the apartment of the artist arrived at 12 o’clock. Apparently, carefully checked the observance of Ephraim the terms of house arrest — not whether telephone, Internet, talking to whom.

— Who’s in the apartment with him still live? Children, wife?

— All close.

Friends are home today?

— what?

— No alcohol? Only water?

— Yes, you! What is the alcohol!

after a couple of hours the employees of the FSIN took the actor out of the apartment.

— How do you feel?

I can’t answer your questions because I have a subscription on his own recognizance.

the Actor was lucky in the Main investigation Department of the Metropolitan police. He only once looked out from the building to smoke.

After the accident, in the blood of Ephraim was discovered, not only alcohol, but drugs. Police opened a criminal case, wanting to find out who Efremov bought them.

last week Ephraim was questioned in connection with the case of the sale of drugs. Details of the communication of the actor with the investigators is unknown, but after the interrogation, the artist left the status of a witness in a criminal case. Today the investigators were interested in the details of a fatal accident.

the Accident occurred on 8 June. Efremov in his jeep crossed the double line and crashed into a van of the courier of Sergey Zakharov. That night, the actor could barely stand on his feet. He hardly spoke and didn’t understand the seriousness of the situation. The driver of the vanand later died in hospital. He was buried on 11 June in his native village in the Ryazan region. Mikhail Yefremov suggested that the Zakharova family financial assistance, but the family of the deceased refused to accept it. According to the lawyer of the family, zakharovykh are now worried about is not money, but a possible date for the alleged culprit of the accident.

“This is a countless case, he will gather a large number of petitions and endorsements from famous people. Efremov was not prosecuted, he has six children. In my opinion, he can get 5 to 7 years conditionally”, — commented the lawyer of the family of the deceased.

According to Alexander Dobrovinsky, investigators allegedly already conducted a technical examination of machinery and in a short time, depending on the testimony of Ephraim and witnesses, the case could be sent to court.