60 people were injured as a result of fuel dumping on schools near Los Angeles

After a reset of aviation fuel on the territory of several schools close to Los Angeles, 60 people received medical assistance. These data are reported by CNN.

As told to the inspector, fire Department County of Los Angeles Sean Ferguson, the incident occurred shortly after noon. We are talking about six schools, five of which were primary, and another one older.

According to the fire service of the County of Los Angeles, as a result of the incident injured 44 people, affected four schools.

Earlier media reported about 26 people affected by the dumping of aviation fuel on the territory of the elementary school near Los Angeles. Reset fuel occurred during the emergency landing of the plane, reminds RIA Novosti. We are talking about the Boeing 777-200 aircraft belonging to Delta Air Lines. The airliner was flying to Shanghai, but due to engine trouble was forced to return to Los Angeles.