62-year-old Victor Saltykov wants to be a father

the Singer Viktor Saltykov has told on air of TV channel “Russia 1” that would once again become a father.

the singer has three children: Alice, Anna, and Svyatoslav, but at 62, Saltykov still full of energy and ready to once again become a father.

“Son, I gave birth at the age of 51. Rose Svyatoslav, and for me those years were more energetic, more stimulating. Children are the incentive. I am a wife asked: “May be… Because God loves a Trinity” – said Saltykov, but added that he is afraid to leave the child without a father. He remembered how he himself lacked in his childhood his father, who died on a business trip to Blagoveshchensk, when Victor had just turned 13 years old.

the Youngest child of Saltykov Svyatoslav loves to play sports – swim, ride a bike. This was once taught Victor’s father. Only then was the great tennis and presented the guitar, but the first lessons his father remained in memory. Her son Victor is trying to educate as well, although computer games are very time consuming in today’s kids.

“Look…”, – Saltykov promised to think about the birth of another child.