France is lagging behind. According to a report from the Department of Research Animation, Studies and Statistics (Dares) published in September 2023, only 57% of people aged 55 to 64 have a job, compared to 62.4% in average in the rest of Europe. To better understand the reasons for this sidelining of seniors in the job market, the Seniors at your service site has unveiled a new study*.

The study begins by drawing up a composite portrait of seniors at work: 75% of them have worked for 10 years or more with the same employer. “This percentage rises to 90% among the oldest, a sign of great loyalty and strong commitment. They are also disciplined and motivated employees, who share values ​​such as a job well done, respect for instructions, team spirit and teamwork, surpassing oneself, involvement, and the transmission of one’s know-how”, explains Seniors at your service. In our slideshow below, discover seven figures that make seniors the “forgotten ones” in the job market.

If only 12% of retirees are currently employed, the trend is increasing. This lifestyle choice can be explained by three reasons:

According to figures from Seniors at your service, combining employment and retirement provides on average an additional 650 to 1,000 euros. It is generally practiced on a short part-time basis, for a period of two years. As a reminder, the average amount of retirement pension amounts to 1,532 euros in France.

*The study was carried out with a large panel of seniors (more than 1,500 respondents over 50), all members of or the panel of the French Institute of Seniors.