75 years of the liberation of Warsaw: what historical truth trying to forget the poles

January 17, marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Warsaw. But the anniversary date, the Polish authorities refused to mention, saying he did not see a reason for celebrations. The behaviour of Poland commented Sergey Lavrov. Acting foreign Minister of Russia noted that the country’s demolition of the monument to the red army and the Polish leadership intends to use the forthcoming in Jerusalem, the Holocaust forum for rewriting the history.

Well, the defense Ministry of Russia has published archival documents that shed light on the details of the Vistula-Oder operation, during which the city was recaptured from the Nazis, the Warsaw uprising and what happened in the concentration camps that the third Reich staged in Poland.

the unthinkable Happened: the authorities of Warsaw refused to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the capital of Poland from the Nazis. And what is going on — flags, uniforms, young people and veterans — all it is now called. But how many of these individuals, and what is the face! At the eternal flame, wreaths and respectful silence.

“How can you say that this date is unimportant? After all, in this day of liberated Warsaw. If not the poles and the Russians, we would have sent in the oven, like my father. What kind of occupation do you speak?” — surprised Tadeusz Terletsky, a veteran of world war II.

Lech Walesa — a political heavyweight Poland — has urged the current government to admit the obvious: the Red army liberated Auschwitz. The news of the cancellation of the celebration of the liberation of Warsaw meets condescending shrugs.

“Now ruling in Poland are behaving oddly as you told. But that’s their business, their people have chosen, and they do so. I would have done differently, I would have strived to reconciliation with Russia.” We will take ourselves in hand in the end? One side and the other. I ask: how many cones will fill his body, how much blood shed to go true the wise dear? I call this,” — said Lech wałęsa, Polish President in 1990-1995.

75 years ago, it was cold, minus 10 degrees, the wind. From the North and the South to the Nazis crushed the forces of the 1st Belorussian front. But first broke into the city the soldiers of the Polish army. It was hell.

“With the sophisticated cruelty of sadistic Nazis destroyed quarter after quarter. Provoked by the London Polish emigre government and the leadership of the home Army in August-September 1944 uprising in Warsaw completed the destruction of the city. Leaving in the suppression of the uprising aircraft, tanks, artillery, the Germans left the Polish capital in ruins. Tens of thousands of residents were killed, the rest expelled. The city is dead,” wrote Marshal of the Soviet Union, commander of the 1st Belorussian front, Georgy Zhukov.

He was only 12 years old when the uprising began. Helped the wounded, I built barricades. Weapons he did not. Not only because it is quite small. On 1 August 1944, when the London government in exile, the order came, the rebels were one rifle for 40 people and one gun per 100 people. Pan Bartnikowski itself, then calls my little man. His rebellion ended after 10 days.

“It was very short — 10 days. Great joy, anxiety, happiness, anxiety and then slavery” — says Bogdan Bartnikowski, prisoner of Auschwitz concentration camp.

His father was killed, his own mother was caught and sent to Auschwitz.

From the report the Army Ludovit about the uprising in Warsaw: “it is Not occupied by any station, blew up railway tracks that gave the Germans the opportunity to use them during the uprising. Not busy bridges, Koltushskoe coast and the highway left in German hands. In short, it’s not. not a single item of strategic importance”.

But the rebels fought more desperate than clearly understood his doom. And this led the Nazis into a frenzy. 63 days of resistance. At the command of the home Army the idea was simple and desperate: to take Warsaw before the red army to seize political powerü not to share the victory with anyone, even with support the rebellion Army Nation. The Soviet troops and the Polish Army that fought side-by-side relation, as enemies.

That’s intercepted by intelligence manual the underground home Army. Among the 45 items are a (the berlingowcy here called the Polish Army): “Sabotage — the uniform of berlingowcy or Soviet. Electric lights, bicycles, ID berlingowcy”.

There is evidence that such masking was not only sabotage but murder. But even in these conditions, the Red army helped the rebellion: dropping weapons, ammunition, food. The vast majority of Warsaw was waiting for the arrival of Soviet troops, but the strength they lacked. While dashing to Warsaw loss was at times up to 70 percent of the personnel. And a rebellion broke out was for the Soviet command by surprise.

German chronicle 2 October 1944. General of the home Army Tadeusz Bor-Komorowski surrenders. German car takes him in the German camp for captured officers. Torn Warsaw is still more than two months of utter horror. When January 17, Warsaw was liberated, the city was only a few tens of thousands of residents: those who miraculously did not die, but escape could not.

a letter From a serviceman S. V. Kopchenova: “Today, we received two loaves of bread and gave it to the kids. It is a pity to look at them. Good kids, blond, but all rachitic with weak, crooked legs”.

the next day the city flooded people. On the newsreel shows how it was and what they had to do to get the city back to life. And anywhere near the red army: from the rubble, paving communication, fed, treated.

Warsaw was rebuilt together. This skyscraper in the heart is a gift. A piece of Moscow to the Polish capital. However, today, to see it whole, we need to dispel the dismal fog.