Having your own compost at home offers a multitude of personal and ecological benefits!

By recycling your food and garden waste, you create a natural fertilizer for your plants, promoting a thriving and healthy garden. It also allows you to save money on fertilizer purchases while helping to preserve our beautiful planet and reducing waste sent to landfills.

Additionally, composting is an enjoyable activity that is quite beneficial for your mental and physical well-being, connecting you more to nature and providing you with a satisfying activity.

Taking care of your homemade compost is essential to ensure its proper functioning and obtain quality compost! Here are some simple tips to follow:

By taking care of your compost in this way, you will benefit from a quality natural fertilizer to nourish your garden while contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Taking care of your compost bin also involves taking care in sorting the waste you put in it. Some should even be avoided if you do not want to compromise the entire functioning of your tank.