9 Jan 1769 there appeared in Russia the first paper money

interesting date. On this day, January 9, 1769, in St. Petersburg, Catherine II issued a decree put into circulation banknotes the first paper money. To alleviate the people’s hardship — so the Empress explained the reform.

At that time, the country has minted copper coins, but for large-scale commercial transactions the money was unusable and the delivery was strained: for example, $ 100 in nickels equivalent weighed almost a ton. So, banknotes are eased cash flow in the literal sense. Paper bills were paid a salary to state employees. If necessary, they can be exchanged for coins. However, said STRC “Saint Petersburg”, when the money flooded the market, they immediately began to forge what was soon imposed the death penalty or penal servitude.

Text: GTRK “Saint-Petersburg”