99 the billionaire and millionaires: the results of the Christmas lottery

In Russia became 99 millionaires more. That’s how much the Russians won the lottery “Stoloto” prizes of 1 million rubles.

As reported by RIA Novosti in the press service of “Stoloto”, most turned out to be lucky in Moscow and the Moscow region: here 1 million rubles won 20 people.

Also become millionaires seven residents of St. Petersburg, six residents of Bashkortostan and five residents of the Rostov region. In the Sverdlovsk and Novosibirsk regions – four of a millionaire.

Before it became known that the Muscovite has won a billion rubles. This is a record win in the history of Russian lotteries.

Only in new year’s lottery won 28 801 695 tickets. The total amount of all winnings amounted to more than 3.5 billion rubles.