A beautiful game of chess, poker and checkers: the United States and China announced a trade war end

a Trade war between the West and East came to an end. Washington and Beijing signed the first part of the trade agreement. In the framework of agreements China in the next two years needs to buy US agricultural products and other goods at $ 200 billion.

the agreement, Washington and Beijing fought for nearly two years. Donald trump calls it a “historic and landmark”. That signing ceremony, where China is Vice-Premier Liu he, the American President furnishes with fanfare: behind — the whole support group.

“Bringing us to this truly incredible breakthrough, most people thought it would never happen,” — said the President of the United States.

More than an hour fiery speech with a roll-call of thanks to the address of the negotiators. They have already announced the details of the 86-page document: in the next two years, China guaranteed to purchase U.S. goods and services to $ 200 billion to resolve the trade imbalance. And the lion’s share is selectstyle. Is that in the midst of a trade war in the first place and hit on the basic voter trump.

in addition, Beijing is obliged to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights of foreign companies, not to manipulate the exchange rate of the yuan.

a letter from the President of China XI Jinping head of the Chinese delegation read kept like copying the leader.

“maintaining a healthy and stable relationship between China and the United States meets the interests of both parties and requires joint efforts from both sides. Based on this idea, I hope that the US will be able to rightly relate to normal trade and investment activities of Chinese enterprises,” Liu he read on a piece of paper.

This message is in the White house were to pick up: China continues to insist on equal access of its technologies to the American market. And the same Huawei to release from the sanctions trump is not even planning on continuing the game, not even hiding.

“All eit is very, very beautiful game of chess or poker, or I can’t use the word checkers because it is much more than a game of checkers I have ever seen” — compare shopping battle Donald trump.

In this game each party who considers himself an opponent. Chinese TV channels presented the trade deal as an absolute victory of Beijing, claiming that high duties most of the losses just Americans. And that Trump the agreement was necessary as the air in the form of trump card in the upcoming battle for the White house. After all, the American consumer has long been replaced.

“Our exports to the US declined, but our businesses have worked hard to diversify its markets and has got the obvious benefits,” — said the Deputy head of the customs service of China, Zou JIU.

And it seems the deal should stabilise the world economy — exchange reacted optimistic growth, but in Europe and South America stiffened in earnest. After all, to increase to 200 billion purchases from U.S., China will have somewhere to reduce. Beijing, however, promises to fulfill all contracts concluded earlier.

This deal looks more like a truce, but not the end of the trade war. ‘ve already elevated before, against China duties document does not change. It is only to be discussed in the negotiations on the second phase of the agreement. The timing is not specified. But in the near future, said trump, he is still willing to fly to Beijing to meet with the leader of China. This is another confirmation of who is in the battle of two largest economies in the world suffered heavy losses.