A Blizzard and the snow, the wind North: Moscow is waiting for the cold

In the capital next week comes the North wind, snowfalls, blizzards and light frost. As reported by the leading researcher of the Center weather PHOBOS Eugene Tiscover, cold with snow will begin Thursday evening, January 30.

For Friday night in the capital will be from zero to minus 5, and the output is expected from minus 2 to minus 7 at night and from 0 to minus five degrees in the afternoon, said forecaster RIA Novosti.

in the meantime, the capital Glaucus MOE has warned of the strengthen in Moscow, Western and North-Western wind with gusts up to 14-19 meters per second and sleet on the roads. Warning, citing forecasts of Roshydromet operates from 13 hours to 21 hours on 25 January. Precipitation in the form of rain and wet snow.

Pedestrians are advised to wait out the bad weather in the capital building, and the street is not to hide under trees, around billboards and shaky structure. Drivers are advised to reduce speed, increase distance and avoid sudden overtaking, rebuilds or getting ahead.

In the first half of next week, said Tiscover, the expected temperature is around zero in the daytime and at night, no precipitation is in the form of wet snow and sleet on the roads.

Earlier, on 21 January, the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological Roman Vilfand said that the abnormal heat will hold on in Russia for another ten days. Thus in the European part of the country the temperature will exceed climatic norm by 12 degrees, and in the Asian – 20.