A concussion and a broken face: the details of the incident with teacher and student

Moscow physics teacher Irina Lukyanova wakes up in the hospital after being attacked by a student. The requirement to defer the headphones the boy reacted aggressively. It turns out that the unpleasant incidents happened with him before. Well, the Director of the school where it all happened, made the decision to resign.

a physics Teacher at Moscow school No. 113 Irina Lukyanova in the hospital: she had a concussion, broken face. We can only guess what she went through on that lesson.

Irina Lukyanova made the schoolboy remark, asked to remove headphones. He refused, then the teacher tried to remove them myself and broke. 15-year-old tough guy hit a 60-year-old woman twice in the face. To separate they were children themselves. He claim that the school security guard refused to help, did not react and the management of the institution.

Classmates say that the teacher, after the failure of the guy to take the headphones off, walked over and pulled them. And student became her first hit, then cut on a glass in hand, the teacher broke the nose.

“his mother in prison, he with his father and grandmother live, drink they’re all,” say classmates.

we Know that the boy consisted on the account in inspection on Affairs of minors, but did them psychiatrists, not clear. His neighbors talk about the precedent, after which the teenager certainly had to investigate.

“came at the peak of the school, said he doesn’t need anyone and wants to jump. Called the psychiatrist,” says the neighbor.

Psychologists say: it is obvious that the teenager moved away from their family problems and loneliness in cyberspace.

“He was in cyberspace. There is a clear dependence, it is aggressive behaves when it is removed from this cyberspace,” explains clinical psychologist Arthur Karaganov.

Experts say there are mechanisms of action for these children, but who exactly should be engaged in such a difficult teenager, question.

“the Work of teachers as if transformed not that he needs to teach the children, and in some inspectors of a lawyer. Write a memo to the head teacher, notify the teacher, talk to the social pedagogue, ask the psychologist to do it,” advises teacher of mathematics, STATE “the School named after Dostoevsky” in Moscow Karo Kurginyan.

This is not the first story of the attack on the student teachers right in the school. That looked so young teacher of school No. 15 in the Queen – he asked the teenager to take out the trash, he twice struck the teacher on the head. But so few students in the Irkutsk region beating 70-year-old teacher of physical education.

as for the incident in a Moscow school number 113, that the family of the teenager anti-social, knew everything. Under scrutiny, there are reports that the Director of the school Tuba Davor dismissed at his own request.