A contact zoo in Yekaterinburg will be punished for bitten by raccoon girl

petting zoo of Yekaterinburg”, That’s the raccoon” is in danger of becoming the first school, the owners of which can be punished in accordance with the new law, said the program “Vesti. Part of the duty”.

Act contact zoos entered into force on 1 January. It virtually prohibits the activities of such organizations. The new rule is necessary in order to protect both animals and visitors.

So, on Friday, the raccoon has bitten an eight-year girl from Ekaterinburg – the animal grabbed the child’s leg. The photograph that made her parents, clearly visible trail of teeth and a serious hematoma. Relatives of the girl claim that it had met all safety instructions. They only returned part of the money for a visit to the zoo.

Investigative Committee has launched a probe into the incident. The degree of severity of the harm caused to health of the child.