A continuation of

Maria Shvetsova begins a new investigation. Look tonight the continuation of the popular series “Russia” “Secrets of the investigation”.

In the new series — crime in the tournament on the go. After a tense decisive match at the hotel discovered the body of a champion. Next to the murder weapon was found a card of the Gypsy Baron. But things are not so simple.

the Team Shvetsova have to unravel a tangle of mysteries and contradictions. Car chases, shootouts, mystery, and unexpected turns of the investigation. With each new film and a new case Shvetsova passions in the series and spectator interest is only growing.

“Dear viewers, dear, thank you for nineteen years in a row you turn on the TV, see our work. We work deeply, truly and only for you. Please see us and we will be very happy,” — said the honored artist of Russia Anna Kovalchuk.

This is the nineteenth season of “Secrets of consequence”. The Colonel of justice has a new look — this time she appeared in the image of the blonde. Shvetsova help investigators Kurochkin and Korablev, as well as head of Kovin. In the detective series starring Anna Kovalchuk, Igor Nikolaev, Alexander Novikov, Vyacheslav Zakharov Anton Cenev.