A farce with the resignation Goncharuk distract the attention of Ukrainians from the two laws

Meanwhile in Ukraine continue to discuss the frustrated resignation of the Prime Minister of the country Alexey Goncharuk. The day before he wrote a letter of resignation due to the scandalous audio which expressed doubts about the competence of President Vladimir Zelensky. However, the Ukrainian leader to accept the resignation refused and decided to give Goncharuk and his government another chance.

can not Dismiss, leave — in Ukraine finally decided. To place correct accents helped the President.

“I decided to provide you and your government a chance, if you choose certain things that today are very important and disturb our society. Now is not the time to undermine the state economically and politically,” said Zelensky.

Goncharuk got a second chance. And in addition a number of instructions. Formally, the conflict is settled. Better a bad peace than a good quarrel.

“I appreciate the confidence. I’m not afraid to try to return the courtesy of an advance, the trust which you have delegated on behalf of the society,” — said Goncharuk.

What is trust Alexei Goncharuk, Ukraine is still debated. Discuss an audiotape on which a man, whose voice like the voice of the Prime Minister, calls the President “a layman in the economy” and character with “haze”. The conversation allegedly conducted in a closed meeting, but became public. Thus nearly burying his political career Goncharuk

“It’s a coffin Goncharuk? – No, this is the icon in 3D” – this jokes for 300 heard in the Parliament. Where publicly repent and came Prime Minister. Said that the President respects, and post — provocation. Some of the deputies applauded, others shouted “Shame!”

In the Verkhovna Rada called the resignation a political gesture. After all, from a legal point of view — and Goncharuk as a certified lawyer knows it — a statement he had to write Presentu.

“We see an utter farce, of course, under the Constitution, according to the law on the Cabinet of Ministers, he was obliged to apply to Parliament, and he would put it for consideration”, — said people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Natalia Korolevska.

the Resignation did not take place for technical reasons, but advantageous diverted attention from the two laws hotly debated today in Ukraine. First — the sale of land. Protests in Kiev are that day. Going to the capital, farmers from across the country.

And if the consideration of the land reform, the deputies postponed the second controversial draft law on education has been adopted. The Russian foreign Ministry called it discriminatory.

the Official Kiev continues to follow the path of forced Ukrainization, assimilation neuroinvasion population in violation of the Constitution of the country and commitments in the sphere of protection of human rights and national minorities.

Now all the students representing the so-called minorities, will gain knowledge on almost all subjects only in Ukrainian. However, the document has not been signed by the President. But if it still happens, the deputies of the party “Opposition platform for life” promise to appeal to the constitutional court.

“This is discrimination of the Russian language, a policy of discrimination against the Russian-speaking population, it is actually what was the previous criminal regime elevated to the rank of national policy, which continues under the current government”, — said the Chairman of political Council of party “Oppositional platform for life” Viktor Medvedchuk.

according to the opposition, despite the dissatisfaction gromadyan, with the selected course, the President is unlikely to swerve. However, decrees to eradicate the Russian language in Ukraine is still not out. Even in the notorious record, which broke the “premiere” scandal, the participants in the conversation speak not move.