A fatal case. Staged a mass accident on M-5 the driver faces 7 years in prison

they learned the details a terrible accident on the highway M-5 “Ural” near Chelyabinsk. In fact the incident a criminal case, reports GTRK “southern Ural”.

Recall, a massive crash happened in Katav-the Ivanovo area in front of the bridge, which were road works. On the site, where it was introduced one-way traffic and put restrictions truck at high speed crashed into riding in front of him 5 cars. The blow was so strong that the car literally turned into a pile of scrap metal.

killing two people — the passenger and the driver of one of the machines. In addition, injured 6 people in other vehicles, said regional police head office.

“IC opened a criminal case under article 264 “Infringement of traffic rules, entailed on imprudence death of two or more persons”, – explained in regional Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs.

currently the driver of the truck was detained. The question of the measure of restraint. Accused threatens till 7 years of imprisonment.

Text: STRC “South Ural”