A few apartments burned in Moscow because of negligence in the treatment of gas

the cause of the explosion and fire in a residential house on the street Drifters in Moscow was criminal negligence in the handling of gas equipment, said the Investigative Committee.

Now the house restoration work continues. There completely burned four units, as many more partially damaged by fire and water. The blast had knocked out half a dozen Windows, broken walls.

According to experts, the threat of collapse of the building is not, however, to strengthen the facade was installed a safety support. Residents of the 40 apartments of two entrances of the victims were temporarily placed in the hotel. When they can return home, is still unknown.

“Representatives of the design Institute “Moszhilniiproekt” look, in terms of what you can renovate the house or make other suggestions. After they make a conclusion, the city will make a decision”, — said Mikhail Burtsev, the head of the Yaroslavl area of Moscow.

the Tenants of two entrances have already returned home. The night before, they again turned on the light, water and gas. Three victims in the fire of life, including the owner of the apartment where the explosion occurred, remains in the hospital. Prosecuted.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”