A few hours before the murder: what the falcons had been filming the altercation with Eschenko

Today the Internet was published a video, attached to the high-profile case of the historian Oleg Sokolov, who is accused in the murder of PhD student Anastasia Yeshchenko. The footage — a quarrel which happened between him and the sweetheart just hours before the tragedy. Representatives of the accused and the injured party, judging by their statements, the leakage of such critical information is extremely dissatisfied. As the sudden appearance of a video can affect the course and outcome of the process?

This is the last video with Anastasia Yeshchenko, shot a few hours before her death. Exasperated she shouts, cries and says that he no longer loves the man who takes her on a mobile phone. When Eshchenko tries to leave the room, Sokolov pushes her. These frames are attached to the materials of the criminal case. Access to video was only available to trial participants. As it became known to the public, is unknown.

the Former defender of Professor Alexander Pachev recognizes that the video helped him to build the line of defense. The quarrel was to demonstrate the complex relationship between a PhD student and a teacher. Today, in the Internet there is another interesting document — the full text of the interrogation of Sokolov.

“I walked into the bedroom, she threw herself at me with such wild cry, swinging the knife, I instinctively made a gesture towards her head and pulled the trigger”.

according to the text, the man accused of massacre, he considers himself almost a victim of female hysteria. Professor Sokolov constantly remembers what happened that night — the reason of quarrel were children from a former marriage: “as soon As it was uttered, it turned into a perfect monster.”

the Lawyer of the dissatisfied party considers that the published materials will not affect the court’s decision, but can significantly delay one of the most resonant criminal cases. I agree with a lawyer and psychologists. The future killer was able to shoot video desperate girls to justify himself.

In the case of Sokolov it has been two court hearings, but they were all postponed. The next meeting is scheduled for June 22, if there are no new details.

Now in fact Sokolov’s no defenders, the case cannot continue. The meeting was postponed again. To avoid further delays in the process, the next time the hall will be present to advocate against the state.