As retirement approaches, Olivier finds himself in an extremely difficult situation. While he was receiving his disabled adult allowance (AAH), this assistance was withdrawn overnight.

Since last March, after his birthday, CAF stopped paying him his dues.

“I consulted my online space and realized that I was only receiving the 186 euros from my activity bonus but not the 920 euros from the AAH, it was a misunderstanding. I didn’t did not receive a letter to warn me,” he confides in the columns of France 3 Régions.

This resident of Livry-Gargan, in Île-de-France, then went to the CAF to try to get an explanation for his new situation. “I was received aggressively and was told that given that my disability rate is less than 80%, the payment is no longer made from the age of 62. This does not take into account the new reform which raises the age to 62 years and six months for people in my year of birth”, he protests.

Olivier suffers from an invisible disability, as such, he affects AAH. “I have three fairly severe lung pathologies, I have a lot of asthma attacks and respiratory accidents,” he confides.

Because of his disability, Olivier can no longer work. “I can’t do any significant physical activity, so all jobs in which you have to stand for a long time are complicated. Recently I was walking children in front of a school but I had to stop because of exposure to gas. “exhausts”, he confides.

Since last March, Olivier has no longer touched AHH. In fact, this aid is automatically cut off after age 82 if the disability rate is less than 80%.

Indeed, to receive the AAh and retirement, certain conditions must be respected:

In his case, Olivier just turned 62 in March. He must therefore wait until October to be able to receive his retirement. “It’s very complicated because I have no way of finding work with my various pathologies. I receive a little money from the Pôle Emploi (France Travail). I live with my mother so she accepts that I don’t pay her not the rent but I think of all those who are in my situation and who have to pay rent and bills. I don’t think I’m the only one,” he says.

Desperate, Olivier tried everything to get answers. This former telephone pollster appealed to the Family Allowance Fund, but in vain.

“This type of thing often happens when reforms are implemented. The AAH remains automatically cut off from people aged 62 who have a disability of less than 80%. And this despite the fact that they are retiring 6 months later with the reform, it’s a hole in the racket,” concludes Mathieu Annereau, president of the association for Taking Disability into Account in Public and Private Policies.